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Worship Planning SoftwareYou've come to the right place!  Our Virtual Rehearsal Suite is worship team software that comes free with your monthly subscription to MinistryBox - Your Total Solution for Online Church Management.

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If you're like most of our clients, you want worship planning software that is both easy-to-use and includes a robust feature set.  Inside the Virtual Rehearsal Suite, you have the ability to upload and manage all your MP3's and chord charts for the praise & worship music of your choice.  Once you've uploaded your songs, you can easily manage them in a song database.  When it's time to plan your services, you can easily add the songs you want to a service you created and boom, you're done!

Your worship team members can login, download the praise and worship charts and mp3's for the upcoming services!  It's that easy!  You can also schedule all your worship teams for rehearsals and services using our Online Calendar!

Now let's take it one step further - your website as a web based church management system - a powerful tool that lives securely on the web and gives you church management tools like:

* Custom Designed or Church Website Template

* Church Web Site Content Management System

Church Financial Software with Online Giving, Online Tithing and Donation Management

Church Communications Management with Online Church Calendar Software 

Worship Planning Software and Ministry Management Software 

Online Media Manager including MP3 Sermon Library & Online Photo Galleries

Ready to find out more about each of these tools and how to get a new worship planning software tool for your church?  Click Here Now!


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